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Professional Streaming

We’ve been providing professional streaming services to radio stations around the world since 2007. No one understands your needs or your industry better.

Professional Tools

Offering you everything you could possibly require to present your radio station to the  world with polish and sleek tools and UNPARALLELED BROADCASTING features.


We Are Always Here To Help

Supporting Our Broadcasters is what we do


Fastest Support

We stand or fall by the way we support you, our broadcasters. If you need us, we will be right there for you, with the gold standard of customer care. 


Reliable Pricings

Our prices may not be the cheapest, but when you consider the sheer level of quality service and tools, we think you’ll agree they represent superb value.


Experienced Team

We know streaming. We know radio. We also understand that when you have an issue, you need people around you who can help you with top notch technical expertise.


We Love Freebies

Get in touch and we will introduce you to the best free radio tools, the greatest free features and a continued belief that we are all better when we share the best new techniques.

Don’t Risk Your Station To Anyone Else

“Thank you for considering Net Power Live for your radio station’s needs. I am here to help you and your station make the most of 21st century streaming tools and quality.”

Peter Graham



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